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Satellite Beach Stormwater Improvement Projects

Project Location

Brevard County

28.17850000, -80.60260000

Project Timeline

Duration: In progress

Project Contacts

Alexis Miller

Project Summary

These projects are infrastructure and treatment improvements for the City of Satellite Beach MS4 and comprise part of the 10-year implementation of the City’s Stormwater Master Plan. Jackson Court Treatment Facility:
The southern side of the Community center drains via a pipe across South Patrick Dr. to a residential canal. Stormwater is discharged with no treatment to the canal. On the west side of South Patrick Dr., north of Jackson Court, there is a vacant parcel of land. The 34? x 53? pipe crosses this vacant land, making this the location a perfect place for a wet and dry retention pond system to treat the stormwater before entering the canal. The drainage basin for this outfall is 12.13 acres of commercial and residential property. No land acquisition would be required for this project as this parcel is owned by the City.

Schechter Center Bioretention

The Schechter Community Center has a drainage system along the parking lot of the community center that drains to the canal. There is no treatment to the stormwater before it enters the canal. To treat the stormwater, a bioretention system would be implemented within the parking lot of the Community center.

Lori Laine Outfall Treatment

The Lori Laine Outfall conveys 184 Acres of drainage area. With this volume of area, it is a surprise that the majority of the stormwater is not treated before it leaves the system. This project proposes to treat the Lori Laine basin stormwater. This treatment comes in the form of a baffle box along the basin outfall.

Elwood/Temple Facility Upgrade

At the southeast corner of Elwood Avenue and Temple Street, there is an existing dry retention pond owned by the City that provides treatment for 8.76 acres of residential land. This project consists of converting the dry pond to a wet pond. Adjacent storm drainpipe would be diverted to the pond, giving treatment for another 26.3 acres. This pond will also provide more flood attenuation than the existing pond.

Satellite Beach Stormwater

Project Goals

  • Flood control elements: Dry
  • Waterbodies impacted Banana River Below 520 Causeway, Indian River Lagoon
  • Located within a BMAP or RAP
  • Provides a water quality benefit to IRL and BRL by reducing the amount of nitrogen and phosphorus discharges.
  • Inclusion of a bioswale as one component.

Project Maintenance

Effectiveness will be measured by pre- and post-construction nutrient metrics taken. Annual costs: $23,000.

Project Cost & Funding

Total project cost: $566,283
Total construction cost: $463,671
IRL WQ Grant: $76,506

Community Engagement

The Stormwater Master Plan had to be council-approved for spending on capital improvement projects, which inherently involves the ability for members of the public and citizens of Satellite Beach to comment on it. The process also included raising the stormwater utility fee, mechanized by a resolution adopted by council, in July 2018. Supporting documentation is attached, including public meeting minutes indicating any public comment or discussion by council and the resolution itself.

Stormwater education is an integral part of the Satellite Beach Community. Workshops and local paper articles highlighting the importance of institutional and residential best management practices are a regular part of the City’s function and education programs.

Outcomes & Results

  • As mentioned above, effectiveness will be measured by pre- and post-construction nutrient metrics taken.
  • Estimated water quality and/or quantity benefits: 664 lbs./yr. of TN and 117 lbs./yr. of TP

Additional Resources

Design/technical Specifications
Before & After Images